Instead, our state senator only agreed to this forum with only 60 second responses to softball questions from moderators, and where we weren't allowed to even talk to each other We can do better.

It's Time for

Positive Change

Keenan 2018 - Campaign Message - He's Giving His Best - But Is This the Best We Can Do?

Here's a breakdown of John Keenan's 2020 campaign ad.  We can do better than his short sightedness.

The Time for Thinking Small is Over.

2020 Candidate Forum

Mendez and Keenan

We Can Do Better.

We Can Do Better.

My Thoughts and Breakdown of

Keenan's 2020 Campaign Ad

John has been giving his best, but sadly, it isn't good enough anymore.

It's Time to Think Big and Get Serious

It's Time to Think Big and Get Serious.

Over his ten year career as State Senator John Keenan has never expressed a vision for what he wants to do for our future, he has only highlighted what the legislature has done in the past.  The time for Thinking Small is over.

​​​John Keenan refused all invitations to a real debate, where we could challenge each other's policy positions.