10. Overhauling Our State's Higher Education System

Innovation Hubs bring together the minds and money that accelerate the rate of scientific breakthroughs and grow our local economy.  Watch to learn more about Growing Our Innovation Hub.

Investments in science, infrastructure, and people requires money for funding - and we get it from the Federal Government, and then we can guide private finance to help, not hurt.

Here's my strategic infrastructure plan for broad economic growth, reducing traffic, advancing science, and more.  It includes things like building the suburbs, a bullet train, renewable energy infrastructure.

4. Get Serious: Understanding Our Strategy for Solutions:

​Food, Water, Energy, and Information

Food, Water, Energy, and Information systems are the most essential resources for everything from a cell to a civilization.  Here is a description of my most used phrase.

7. What is an "Innovation Hub"

and How Should We Grow Ours?

8. Our Economic Decline and

Why We Need Broad Economic Growth that Creates Hope

Think Big. Get Serious.

Viruses are just some of the threats we have to be concerned about now as we move into the future.  Here are a few more, including climate change, economic decline, and more.

We need to move our conversation beyond paying inflated prices for an overburden healthcare system. Instead we need to expand our convention to understanding nutrition, our food system, and their relationship to the biomedical indsutry.

I know I just toss around lots of dense ideas, but these are the discussions we need to have so we can make positive change.

Our state education system needs to make the highest quality education accessible to all students across the state at the lowest cost possible, as close to debt free as possible. We also need to emphasize STEM and the Trades.

Our Economic is Dealing, and it's revealing itself in frightening ways.  We need to combat this decline with broad economic growth.

3. Think Big: What's Next?

​Our Next Foreseeable Threats,

​From Diseases to Climate Change

2. Think Big: Describing

Our Three Biggest Challenges,

Locally and Globally

1. MA is an Outstanding State,

So Let's Act Like It.

Talking about our three Biggest Challenges:

  • Population Growth
  • Economic Decline
  • Climate Change

9. Private and Federal Funding for Science and Infrastructure in MA

In these videos I talk about the general themes, projects, and ideas that I will continue to elaborate on throughout this campaign.  Please let me know if you have any questions.  More videos to come.  

11. Prioritizing Health in MA,

​and Understanding Our Food System and Our Biomedical Industry

6. Get Serious In MA: An Infrastructure Plan to Grow Our State and Created Broad Economic Growth

5. Think Big, Get Serious.

We Have to Expand Our Dialogue

From our population size, to our top economy, to our global Innovation Hub with leading universities, research institutions, and more - Massachusetts is in the best position to lead the world into a better future.