Our generation can’t just talk – we need to lead by example and take positive, meaningful action.

In Massachusetts, we should begin to engineer our way into the future by applying what we know and what we can on infrastructure projects.  And at the same time, we should invest heavily in our public education system and support our private innovation-industry infrastructure in order to accelerate the momentum of monumental scientific breakthroughs and boost our state and local economies.

As we move forward, we should guide our youth to become imaginative and innovative thinkers and collaborative, hands on problem solvers – because our future lies in them. 

If we lay the foundation, provide the tools, and inspire with our actions and ideas – then the next generation will bring an amazing world into fruition.

But we have to get to work now. 

We can begin by sharing good information and new ideas that can improve our democracy and society.

Right now, we have the freedom and technology to change the world.  We each have a device that can bring attention to anything we possibly want, in any way we want.  So let's use these unprecendent powers and freedom to learn as much as we can about the world around us - let’s use it to question everything - and let’s use it to expand our dialogue and find solutions.

We can now capturethe energy of the wind and sun and harness it to electrify our cities and heat our homes; We can desalinate the endless ocean and bring clean water to millions of people; We can apply algorithms to agriculture and produce more nutritious food in less time with less water, less waste, in less space; And we can advance our information, education, and innovation systems and improve every aspect of our lives.

Even better, when we choose to capitalize on ambitious industrial developments, we will launch ourselves to the forefront of human progress – and from there we can show the world it is possible to affordably and efficiently bring Economic, Social, and Environmental Sustainability that improves everyone's life It is just a matter of will.

​​We have to plant the seeds of the future right now so they can start to grow into something amazing.

It's time to Think Big, and Get Serious.

When we Think Big and Get Serious, we will produce countless extraordinary life-changing breakthroughs and innovations in overlapping technologies, like communication, automation, transportation, robotics, aeronautics, medical devices, medicines, machines, and antibiotics – and it’s obvious we have obstacles and limitations – but we can overcome them if we decide to come together as a nation. 

We just need ambition and patience.

One change, one innovation in any of those fields can start a chain reaction to change not just the world today; but can positively change the course of human history.

First, we have to apply what we know.

Then, we have to innovate solutions that

no one has even dreamed of yet.

We have a choice:

Option 1: We can do nothing and fall behind, or

Option 2: We can take the lead, and save the world.

It is our responsibility – as humans, as Americans, as patriots – to promote and push for this innovation so that the greatness of our achievements will resonate to all Americans, and to their children, and their children’s children.

We are faced with tremendous problems that threaten us all.  But I’m excited.  

I'm excited because we have the opportunity to take on the most amazing engineering and scientific feats in our known planetary history, and when we do, we can improve your life,  your families'  lives, and save all of humanity.  How can’t you be excited for that?

I'm running for state senate because I want us to build a sustainable state that can serve as a global model of good health, low cost resource/energy, and economic prosperity.

It’s not an intangible utopian dream, it’s not some hippie bullshit - it is for security – it is for our future – it is for the billions of dollars up for grabs – it’s common sense.

I choose Option 2: Take the Lead

Unlike ever before in history,

So, we have to educate the next generation of imminent problems and give them the skills to contribute to the solutions.