We are on the verge of a profound revolution in human history.  It’s lead by rapid scientific advancements, and it results in amazing life improving technologies and enormous economic benefits. 

It's Time to

Think Big, and

Get Serious.

We can only do it if we stop thinking small, and start to

Think Big and Get Serious.

It won't be easy, but we have to do it.

For no other reason than our survival depends on it.

But, this is where it gets amazing...

We only have two options: we can remain a top economy, or fall behind.  

At best - if we don’t act, we will become an average state with reoccurring problems.  At worst - the problem of resource shortages will threaten the peace and security of the whole planet. 

What starts wars?  Answer: Fights over water access, changes in patterns of rainfall and drought, fights over food production, and fights over access to minerals, metals, and oil.  Every society, from the first tribes to the greatest modern civilizations, have been shaped by the struggle to control these resources.  It sounds primitive, I know; but this struggle is occurring right now, introducing international conflict between nuclear powers and industrial nations of today, which threatens not just us, but all human life on our planet.

Therefore, it is no exaggeration to say the future of humankind will be shaped by whoever can secure these essential resources.

That’s why I want us to take control of our future and take these problems head on by taking steps that anticipate change and aggressively pursuing sustainable infrastructure projects and economic development.

So, not only do I want us to take part in the benefits in these advancements, I want us to take a leading role.  And we take a leading role by finding solutions to the most crucial and inevitable problem of the modern world:

How to do more with less. 

Locally and globally, we face exponential population growth combined with depleting resources like food, water, and energy.  Currently, clean, potable water is limited; and changes in climate, like low rainfall, further threaten our water supplies, which will then threaten our food supplies. Our dependence on limited fossil fuel energy is also problematic. 

In short, we cannot sustain ourselves on our current path.  That’s why we have to do more with less.

But keep in mind, doing more with less will requireadvancing technology, producing medical breakthroughs, and completely revolutionizing the way we get food, water, energy, and information.