Here's a clip from a 2016 video panel between me and Keenan - we weren't allowed to talk to each other.  We can do better.  Think Big. Get Serious.

Keenan 2018 - Campaign Message - He's Giving His Best - But Is This the Best We Can Do?

Keenan 2018 - Speaking Against Adult Use Marijuana, Ignoring Criminal Justice Impacts

We Can Do Better Than This..

Instead of complaining about how bad and empty 

politics have become, I'll just show you... using our state senator's own words and videos.

Keenan's 2010 - Campaign Video (First State Senate Race)

​Bringing Nothing to the Table

"Debate" Video Clip:

Keenan v. Mendez 2016

We Need to Do Better.

​Keenan currently is actively avoiding a debate and refuses to schedule one.