​Let's Get to the Roots of Our Socio-Economic Problems and Improve Everyone's

Quality of Life​​

My Strategy is Largely Federally Funded, and State and Locally Coordinated

  • Direct Federal Funds for Biomedical and Tech Research and Development to Institutions in Our State, to invigorate our existing Innovation Hub;
  • Expand our State's Infrastructure to Central MA to bolster applied sciences and grow our Innovation Hub;
  • Showcase Our State as Forward-Thinking Leaders to attract global innovators to our state; 
  • Emphasize STEM in Higher Education, so our workforce meet needs of Innovation Sector Businesses in MA

My Strategy for

Economic Growth

  • Strengthens the Middle-Class
  • Grows Our Economy
  • Creates Jobs
  • ​Fixes Traffic
  • ​Accelerates Scientific Innovation
  • Prepares Us for a Better Future
  • Invested in People with education and skills programs for the modern economy;

Invest in Science

Investments in science, infrastructure, and people requires money for funding - and we get it from the Federal Government, and then we can guide private finance to help, not hurt.

Objectives Achieved with this Strategy:

Mendez For State Senate

My Strategy Get to Roots of our Problems, and:

  • Turns poverty into a strong middle-class; 
  • Improves socio-economic conditions that strengthen social bonds between people and their communities,
  • Build our state's physical infrastructure for safe water, electricity, internet, and communities of safe housing
  • Additional benefit of decreasing drug abuse and criminality, and reduces Criminal Justice spending
  • Reinvigorates the American Dream for All​​​

Investments in Infrastructure Will:

  • Speed Up Our Transition to Renewable Energy, 
  • Create Jobs and Opportunity
  • Prepare Our State for Resource Security in an Ever-Changing World.
  • Invested in Infrastructure projects, with the Interstate Highway system and building the suburbs, which created affordable living space and good jobs;

​​We need to now apply that strategy again and make it even more inclusive - making our economy stronger and make the American Dream a reality again  for more people.

​We do it by

  • Investing in Large Scale Infrastructure Projects and Science to create jobs and grow the middle class
  • Prioritizing Health, Family, and Community
  • Prioritizing Education, by:
    • Reforming Higher Education, so people can have less debt and a better education, and
    • Emphasizing STEM and the Trades, so people can have mores skill for our science heavy Future Economy.

We need broad economic growth that uplifts everyone, not just band-aid projects that maintain the broken status quo.​  That's precisely what My Strategy does.

These Investments in Science, Infrastructure, and People improved the quality of life and created the socio-economic system of stability and upward mobility that made the 'the American Dream' come true.

My Strategy Mimics the US's Successful Post-WWII Strategy where the Federal Government:

As we grow our economy, we need to care about the socio-economic well-being and health of all people.

  • This requires steering our economic system towards helping people and creating wealth, instead of stripping it away and hurting them.
  • Our goal is to ensure a High Quality of Life for all people,
    • Where people can make a living wage,
    • with affordable housing,
    • in safe clean neighborhoods

Invest in People

Invest in Infrastructure

My Strategy: Not Just Talk, Action.

We grow our economy and prepare for safe future by building large-scale infrastructure systems for:

  • ​Transit (Roads, Rails, Bullet Train), Renewable Energy, Clean Water, and Reliable Internet for Our Entire State

  • Invested in Science, with projects in Medicine, Space Technology, and more - and created countless innovative products that we rely on today, like solar panels and satellite technology.