​Let's Get to the Roots of Our Socio-Economic Problems and Improve Everyone's

Quality of Life​​

My Strategy Mimics the US's Successful Post-WWII Strategy where the Federal Government:

Invest in Infrastructure

  • Invested in Science, with projects in Medicine, Space Technology, and more - and created countless innovative products that we rely on today, like solar panels and satellite technology.

My Strategy is Largely Federally Funded, and State and Locally Coordinated

  • Direct Federal Funds for Biomedical and Tech Research and Development to Institutions in Our State, to invigorate our existing Innovation Hub;
  • Expand our State's Infrastructure to Central MA to bolster applied sciences and grow our Innovation Hub;
  • Showcase Our State as Forward-Thinking Leaders to attract global innovators to our state; 
  • Emphasize STEM in Higher Education, so our workforce meet needs of Innovation Sector Businesses in MA
  • Invested in People with education and skills programs for the modern economy;

Invest in Science

Investments in science, infrastructure, and people requires money for funding - and we get it from the Federal Government, and then we can guide private finance to help, not hurt.

Objectives Achieved with this Strategy:

Mendez For State Senate

My Strategy Get to Roots of our Problems, and:

  • Turns poverty into a strong middle-class; 
  • Improves socio-economic conditions that strengthen social bonds between people and their communities,
  • Build our state's physical infrastructure for safe water, electricity, internet, and communities of safe housing
  • Additional benefit of decreasing drug abuse and criminality, and reduces Criminal Justice spending
  • Reinvigorates the American Dream for All​​​

Investments in Infrastructure Will:

  • Speed Up Our Transition to Renewable Energy, 
  • Create Jobs and Opportunity
  • Prepare Our State for Resource Security in an Ever-Changing World.

  • Invested in Infrastructure projects, with the Interstate Highway system and building the suburbs, which created affordable living space and good jobs;

​​We need to now apply that strategy again and make it even more inclusive - making our economy stronger and make the American Dream a reality again  for more people.

​We do it by

  • Investing in Large Scale Infrastructure Projects and Science to create jobs and grow the middle class
  • Prioritizing Health, Family, and Community
  • Prioritizing Education, by:
    • Reforming Higher Education, so people can have less debt and a better education, and
    • Emphasizing STEM and the Trades, so people can have mores skill for our science heavy Future Economy.

It's Time to Think Big and Get Serious

My Strategy for Economic Growth that Uplifts Us All

We need broad economic growth that uplifts everyone, not just band-aid projects that maintain the broken status quo.​  That's precisely what My Strategy does.

These Investments in Science, Infrastructure, and People improved the quality of life and created the socio-economic system of stability and upward mobility that made the 'the American Dream' come true.

My Strategy: Science, Infrastructure, and People

As we grow our economy, we need to care about the socio-economic well-being and health of all people.

  • This requires steering our economic system towards helping people and creating wealth, instead of stripping it away and hurting them.
  • Our goal is to ensure a High Quality of Life for all people,
    • Where people can make a living wage,
    • with affordable housing,
    • in safe clean neighborhoods

Invest in People

My Strategy for

Economic Growth

  • Strengthens the Middle-Class
  • Grows Our Economy
  • Creates Jobs
  • ​Fixes Traffic
  • ​Accelerates Scientific Innovation
  • Prepares Us for a Better Future

We grow our economy and prepare for safe future by building large-scale infrastructure systems for:

  • ​Transit (Roads, Rails, Bullet Train), Renewable Energy, Clean Water, and Reliable Internet for Our Entire State