Increased resource demands have launched a multi-trillion dollar global renaissance of projects in Food, Water, Energy, Information, and countless other industries.  Right now as you read these words, the entire modern world is competing to produce technological breakthroughs in those industries because the entire world needs them.  And we should be interested too, because: We need them.

Since the whole world needs them, whoever contributes to those breakthroughs will become incredibly rich and whatever country capitalizes on them will gain tremendous economic and socio-political advantages. 

So let’s prepare for the future.  Let's gain those advantages.

Let's Think Big and Get Serious

To do it, we need political authority, technology, and money to work together.  But we should start by introducing strategic projects for the new generation that will attract investment, bring good jobs, and create opportunity for our state.

The best place to start is with investments in strategic projects in:



Energy, and


Those Investments Help Us Most.

In the big picture, innovations in those essential resources make civilizations great. On a personal level, those areas are where most of your paycheck goes (like electric bill, cell phone bill, groceries, etc.).  So, they deserve our focus.

Economic developments in those areas stimulate our economy, put money in working people's pockets people, lower their bills, and improve their overall quality of life.

​Plus, those industries all share overlapping scientific applications and parallel missions, so an innovation in one will help advance the others.

We live at a time where technological advances have made the once impossible possible.  

We can now overcome the largest challenges in human history. 

So Let's Do It.

Lots of Money,

Lots of Innovation.

Lots of Better Lives