• Modernize Our Infrastructure towards long-term sustainability, using solar and wind power, and updating our water systems and electrical grid.

I want to fuel the economic engine of our state and create jobs for now and for the future.

  • End the Drug Problem by addressing the root causes such as the overflow of pharma drugs; and widespread lack of opportunity and hopelessness.

I want to help bring government transparency, efficiency, and keep business booming.

  • Attract Bio-Medical and High-Tech Industries, innovators, and investors to grow our economy.

It's Time to Think Big and Get Serious

I want to:

  • Lower the cost of college and Improve the Value of a Degree in order to increase employability and lower debt.
  • Focus on Large Scale Economic Development that: helps working families, reduces traffic, and lowers the cost of housing.
  • Promote Vocational Schools so we can train the workforce that will modernize our state's infrastructure.

I want to help Massachusetts move forwards faster towards economic, social, and environmental sustainability, and