​Mostly all of our problems (like disease, food security, and energy) are all science based issues that need science based answers.

Invest in Science

​To Respond on a National Level:

Our Federal Government needs to direct billions of dollars to States and R&D institutions that can produce the scientific breakthroughs our country needs to stay safe and secure.

Directing Federal and Private Investments: 

Money to Help, Not to Hurt.

Let's "Invest in Sustainable Infrastructure Systems for Food, Water, Energy, and Information" Here's a video describing what that means.

2. Laying the Foundational Infrastructure for economic growth and population growth in Central MA.

The Human Genome Project was a multi- billion dollar, federally funded mission to map the entire human gene structure (DNA).  Research teams from around the world (including from MIT and Harvard) worked together and completed the task in 13 years, and their work has laid the foundation for countless medical advances that save thousands of lives everyday (and add billions of dollars to our national economy).

The BioMedical and Tech companies, financial companies, and global universities (Harvard, MIT) in the close proximity of Boston and Cambridge make up our state's "Innovation Hub." A recent "breakthrough" in our state's Hub was capturing the first picture of a Black Hole at the NASA X-ray telescope in Cambridge.

These projects will:

  • Decrease Congestion in Greater Boston,
  • Lower Rent​ and Reduce Traffic, making our state more economically attractive for innovative businesses, and
  • Accelerate Scientific Innovation​, and
  • Improve Life for All of Us in Massachusetts

Food Science and Agricultural Innovation

Viruses, Bacteria, Vaccines, and Microbial Sciences

Video: Describing Innovation Hubs and their Importance for our future.

Sectors of Science that our country and state should focus our Investments include:

Let's Invest in Science in MA

Think Big: What's Next?

​Our Next Foreseeable Threats,

​From Diseases to Climate Change

  • Grow Our State's Local Economy,
  • Strengthen Our Country,
  • Create Lots of Jobs, and
  • Help Reduce Human Suffering

An additional benefit, is that Innovation Hubs:

  • grow the local economies that surround them by feeding peripheral and support industries, such as local restaurants and construction companies.

We grow our Innovation Hub into Central MA by:

Robotics, Communications, and Material Sciences

An "Innovation Hub" is a collection of institutions, like scientific R&D institutions and Universities, in a close regional proximity that accelerate the rate of scientific breakthroughs.

Get Serious: Understanding Our Strategy for Solutions: Investing in

​Food, Water, Energy, and Information

1. Building a Bullet Train from Boston to Central MA.

Mendez For State Senate

Video: Over the Past 40 years, we have continually increased military spending, and decreased Science spending - and we're seeing the results: Our country has a declining economy that's not equipped for natural threats. We fix this problem with investments in Science that: grow our economy and keep us safe.

Investments in Science:

​To Respond on a State Level, we should:

  • Work with Federal legislators to obtain and direct Federal Funds for Scientific R&D to institutions in our state, which will invigorate our existing Innovation Hub;
  • Expand our State's Infrastructure to Central MA to bolster applied sciences and grow our Innovation Hub;
  • Showcase Our State as a Forward-Thinking Leader to attract global innovators to our state; 
  • Emphasize STEM in Higher Education, so our workforce can meet the needs of our growing Innovation Sector in MA

We Should Also Grow Our Innovation Hub in MA

Viruses are just some of the threats we have to be concerned about now as we move into the future.  Here are a few more, including climate change, economic decline, and more.

What is an "Innovation Hub?"

Example of "Investing in Science"