• Emphasize the Trades in Our Higher Education System so that we have the skilled workforce to build our new sustainable infrastructure systems
  • Actively Seek for Federal Funding to Grow Our State's Scientific R&D Infrastructure (ie. Our Innovation Hub)
  • Expand our Innovation Hub into Central MA by laying the large scale foundational infrastructure for electricity, water, etc., growing our state with a second economic center in MA

Applying My Strategy:

An Actual Plan for MA

Think Big and Get Serious in Massachusetts

Invest in Infrastructure

As a State, Let's:

Grow Our Innovation Hub 
(aka, Our ’Innovation Infrastructure)
"Infrastructure" encompasses much more than just "roads and bridges.”  It also includes systems and networks, like
universities, R&D institutions, financial institutions, innovators and out of the box thinkers - coming together to turn ideas into the reality of useful products.​  With investment in R&D into hubs, we accelerate the rate of scientific breakthroughs we need.

On a Federal Level - we need federal investment in large scale infrastructure projects for renewable and sustainable technologies particularly in the areas of Food, Water, Energy, and Information systems.

​But, they need to direct that spending to the states, like us.

  • Creates Broad Economic Growth
  • Creates Good Jobs
  • ​Improves Transportation Efficiency
  • Reduces Traffic
  • Reduces CO2 Emissions and Pollution
  • Speeds Up Our Transition Renewable Energy and Sustainable Infrastructure
  • Prepares for Population Growth
  • Creates a Construction Boom
  • Builds More Houses, Increasing Homeownership
  • Bolsters Innovation Sector and Accelerates Scientific Advancement in Medicines, Robotics, Energy, Food Science, and More​
  • Build Affordable Housing, including Affordable Apartments and Suburban Communities, around that economic Hub;
  • Build a Bullet Train connecting this new economic center in Central MA to Boston;​
  • Build Networks of Efficient transit, such as roads, rail, bike paths, etc., to connect those communities to each other and to the Hub;

Benefits of My Strategy:

Video: My Proposed Infrastructure Plan for MA

So, on a State Level:

  • Invest in Renewable and Sustainable Infrastructure systems for water, electricity, and transportation to support the hub and surrounding suburban areas

Mendez For State Senate

We need to create a successful Infrastructure plan to obtain those investments and:

  • Work with local stakeholders to create Pro-Growth Regulations that protect the environment, workers, and citizens’ rights as we grow our state sustainably; and
  • Work with industry leaders in transportation, renewable energy, and more - in order to ensure our state develops and acts on the most comprehensive, sustainable, and efficient infrastructure plans possible.

Outline Of Proposed Infrastructure Projects in MA

This Infrastructure Plan Prepares Our Entire State for a Better Future and:

Video: 60-Second Clip of 

My Proposed Infrastructure Plan for MA