Outline Of Proposed Infrastructure Projects in MA

Mendez For State Senate

This Infrastructure Plan Prepares Our Entire State for a Better Future and:

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My Proposed Infrastructure Plan for MA

We need to create a successful Infrastructure plan to obtain those investments and:

  • Work with local stakeholders to create Pro-Growth Regulations that protect the environment, workers, and citizens’ rights as we grow our state sustainably; and
  • Work with industry leaders in transportation, renewable energy, and more - in order to ensure our state develops and acts on the most comprehensive, sustainable, and efficient infrastructure plans possible.
  • Emphasize the Trades in Our Higher Education System so that we have the skilled workforce to build our new sustainable infrastructure systems
  • Actively Seek for Federal Funding to Grow Our State's Scientific R&D Infrastructure (ie. Our Innovation Hub)
  • Expand our Innovation Hub into Central MA by laying the large scale foundational infrastructure for electricity, water, etc., growing our state with a second economic center in MA

Applying My Strategy:

An Actual Plan for MA

Think Big and Get Serious in Massachusetts

Invest in Infrastructure

As a State, Let's:

Grow Our Innovation Hub 
(aka, Our ’Innovation Infrastructure)
"Infrastructure" encompasses much more than just "roads and bridges.”  It also includes systems and networks, like
universities, R&D institutions, financial institutions, innovators and out of the box thinkers - coming together to turn ideas into the reality of useful products.​  With investment in R&D into hubs, we accelerate the rate of scientific breakthroughs we need.

On a Federal Level - we need federal investment in large scale infrastructure projects for renewable and sustainable technologies particularly in the areas of Food, Water, Energy, and Information systems.

​But, they need to direct that spending to the states, like us.

  • Creates Broad Economic Growth
  • Creates Good Jobs
  • ​Improves Transportation Efficiency
  • Reduces Traffic
  • Reduces CO2 Emissions and Pollution
  • Speeds Up Our Transition Renewable Energy and Sustainable Infrastructure
  • Prepares for Population Growth
  • Creates a Construction Boom
  • Builds More Houses, Increasing Homeownership
  • Bolsters Innovation Sector and Accelerates Scientific Advancement in Medicines, Robotics, Energy, Food Science, and More​
  • Build Affordable Housing, including Affordable Apartments and Suburban Communities, around that economic Hub;
  • Build a Bullet Train connecting this new economic center in Central MA to Boston;​
  • Build Networks of Efficient transit, such as roads, rail, bike paths, etc., to connect those communities to each other and to the Hub;

Benefits of My Strategy:

Video: My Proposed Infrastructure Plan for MA

So, on a State Level:

  • Invest in Renewable and Sustainable Infrastructure systems for water, electricity, and transportation to support the hub and surrounding suburban areas