Hi, I'm Alex Mendez

It's Time to Think Big and Get Serious

I was born in Boston, but I grew up and live in Quincy.  I love my family, my city, state, my country, and our planet.

- I worked as a Labor and House Painter before becoming a lawyer.

We Can Do Better.

Hobbies: Guitar, Jiu Jitsu, and learning about Space, Science, Nature, and History

My girlfriend Kayla and me, Quincy Quarries

As I grew up in Quincy witnessing the impact of our country's broken drug laws - I became determined to fix those policy problems and reduce human suffering​.

It's Time For Positive Change.

Think Big. Get Serious.

As a lawyer, I've worked as a labor union lawyer; and I currently represent Nursing Homes, assisting elderly and indigent people with psychiatric issues obtain safe housing and safe medications.

But, after learning about the magnitude of our social, economic, and environmental problems - I realized: we need more than just small changes.  We need to Think Big about our problems and Get Serious with solutions.

My Education:
- Quincy High School, 2006
- J.D., Suffolk Law School, 2015​
- Masters Criminal Justice, Suffolk, 2012
- Masters Public Administration, Suffolk
- B.A. Sociology, concentration in Crime and Corrections, Suffolk, 2010

Now, I'm running to bring real change and get to the roots of our problems with broad economic growth that uplifts us all.