1. High Speed Rails

My Vision and

5 Ambitious Projects to help us get there.

4. Large Scale Solar and Wind

We need to modernize industrial agriculture to meet our current and future food needs.  As a state, we should work to attract the agricultural and bio-tech innovators and investors who want to scale up producing safer food more efficiently, with fewer chemicals and more resilient to climate unpredictability.  Wth grants, subsidies, and incentives that attract them to our sate, we can bring hundreds of millions of dollars of economic activity to our state.  And we will create lots of jobs.

Rooftop solar panels and small solar/wind farms are a good step, but we need to think bigger.  Although solar cultivation faces limitations, there is more efficiency on a larger scale.  So let's scale up. And let's also modernize our electrical grid towards the goals of lower costs and sustainability.  Scaling up requires government, investment, and technology to work together - but we can do it.  With proper placement of multiple large-scale projects, we'll reduce energy costs.

Below is a list of 5 Ambitious Infrastructure Projects that we should start considering seriously.

Your contribution will:

Quite simply, in one way or another – good infrastructure makes everyone’s life better and less stressful, with more money, more family time, and less traffic.

- help bring government transparency, efficiency, and keep business booming.

Above: The EuroStar connects London and Paris, traveling under the English Channel as fast as 200mph.

I envision that we can make Massachusetts a global model in economic, social, and environmental sustainability.  And I believe the key is investing in our infrastructure.

Those 5 Ambitious Projects will help launch our state to the forefront of human progress and make life better for all of us.

But, here’s the bottom line: these projects will put more money in working people’s pockets and prepare us for a better, more secure future.

A dual economic center would also allow us the space to build good, affordable, single family houses - that people can invest to buy instead of renting - near good jobs.

2. Water Systems

We ​need to start thinking more seriously about water because local population growth will increase demand on our limited water supply.  We haven't faced a major problem yet, but more and more MA towns face water restrictions.  So let's stay ahead of the problem and invest in updating our water supply and sewage systems and invest in desalination projects to meet our future demands.

5. Attract Higher Education, Innovation, and Manufacturing

Let's do this.

It's a lot to take on - but that's a good thing.

We need to attract innovators to our state who want to pave the way into the future. We should entice them to MA by offering tax incentives, training our local workforce to meet their needs, and directing federal subsidies and state grants that promote innovation in specific fields, including biomedical, robotics, and other innovation industries.  And, a high-speed rail would make this area a great cost-saving alternative to expensive Boston.

Now is the time to put together plans with private and government sources and bring these projects and others like them to reality.

- help Massachusetts move forwards faster towards economic, social, and environmental sustainability, and

A high speed train allows us to better connect our state and utilize vast amounts of currently unused land.  This project isn’t critical to our survival, but it is a vehicle (literally and figuratively) to open up billions of dollars in local economic development if we do it right.  A rail from Boston to Springfield, for example, would connect our three largest cities and incentivize economic investment in western MA.  It would also help decongest cities, reduce traffic, and lower housing costs.

3. Modernizing Agriculture

The first 4 projects will bring us into an advanced modernity; but this 5th endeavor can launch us to the forefront of human progress by cultivating the ideas and technologies of the future.

These 5 Infrastructure Projects will:

  • Create jobs to build these systems
  • Create jobs to manage these systems
  • Inject Billions of dollars into our local economy​​, and
  • Help us stay ahead of the curve and prevent problems​