​Right now, we face very big, and very serious national and global threats that we need to prepare for, like

  • population growth,  
  • economic decline, and
  • changes in climate.

So, we need serious solutions - and our best response is to invest in large scale infrastructure projects that bring economic, social, and environmental sustainability.

I'm Alex Mendez, Independent Candidate for

Economic, Social, and Environmental Sustainability.​

My priorities are to bring:

  1. Sustainable infrastructure projectsin renewable energy, rapid transportation, and water systems,
  2. Create Good jobsand more affordable houses for working families,
  3. Bring Economic growththat prepares us for the future,
  4. Government transparency, and
  5. Reduce Traffic, Speed up Commutes

But to do it, we have to

Think Big, and Get Serious.

Alex Mendez

We face big global threats, but I'm excited for the solutions 

Right now, we have the opportunity to take on the most amazing engineering and scientific feats in our known planetary history.  And when we take them on, we will improve your life and make life better and easier for your family.

How can’t you be excited for that?

A Fresh Perspective for a Better Future.

Quite Simply, 

I want to make life a little easier and less stressful for the working families in Massachusetts.  

It's that simple.