We grow our Innovation Hub into Central MA by: building a bullet train and laying the foundational infrastructure for economic growth and population growth in Central MA.

An "Innovation Hub" is a collection of institutions, like scientific Research and Development companies and Universities, in a close regional proximity that accelerate the rate of scientific breakthroughs.  The innovation and financial sectors in Boston and Cambridge make up our state's Innovation Hub.

An additional benefit, is that Innovation Hubs improve the local economies that surround them by feeding peripheral and support industries, such as local restaurants and construction companies.

  • Strengthens the Middle-Class
  • Grows Our Economy
  • Creates Jobs
  • ​Fixes Traffic
  • ​Accelerates Scientific Innovation
  • Prepares Us for a Better Future

Alex Mendez

It's Time for Positive Change.

Think Big.  Get Serious.

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My Proposed Infrastructure Projects for MA

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3. Invest in Science in MA

1. Invest in People

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We grow our economy and prepare for a safe future by:

  • Building Large-Scale Infrastructure Systems for:
    • ​Transit (Roads, Rails, Bullet Train), Renewable Energy, Clean Water, and Reliable Internet for Our Entire State;

  • Emphasizing the Trades in Higher Education to Build Our Sustainable Modern Infrastructure

These projects will:

  • Speed Up Our Transition to Renewable Energy, 
  • Create Jobs and Opportunity
  • Grow the Middle Class,
  • Prepare Our State for Resource Security in an Ever-Changing World.
  • Invest in Science, 
  • Invest in Infrastructure, and
  • Invest in People,

We need Broad Economic Growth that gives all people a living wage, affordable housing, debt free education, and more... Learn More Here

A Plan for Action in MA

Think Big and Get Serious in Massachusetts

Video: Describing Innovation Hubs and their Importance for our future.

What is an "Innovation Hub?"

2. Invest in Infrastructure

Objectives Achieved with

My Strategy:

Think Big.  Get Serious.

I'm Alex Mendez, Independent

Where we:

  • care about the socio-economy and physical well-being of all people,
  • in an economic system that creates wealth, instead of stripping it away.
    • where people can make a living wage,
    • with affordable housing,
    • in safe, clean neighborhoods 
    • ​access to high quality education with out debt
  • Reform Higher Education, More Skills, Less Debt
  • Infrastructure that creates good jobs and builds safe neighborhoods

Applying My Strategy to MA

Think Big and Get Serious in Massachusetts

It's Time to

Think Big and Get Serious.

Those projects will:

  • Decrease Congestion in Greater Boston,
  • Lower Rent​ and Reduce Traffic, making our state more economically attractive for innovative businesses, and
  • Accelerate Scientific Innovation​, and
  • Improve Life for All of Us in Massachusetts

We're in trouble because our politicians think too small.  The time for thinking small is over.

It's Time to Think Big, and Get Serious

My Strategy for Broad Economic Growth in MA:

We Should Grow Our Innovation Hub in MA

The time for thinking small is over.

​We Invest in Scientific Innovation by:

  • Directing Federal Funds for Biomedical and Tech Research and Development to Institutions in Our State, to invigorate our existing Innovation Hub;
  • Expanding our State's Infrastructure to Central MA to bolster applied sciences and grow our Innovation Hub;
  • Showcasing Our State as a Forward-Thinking Leader to attract global innovators to our state; 
  • Emphasizing STEM in Higher Education, so our workforce can meet the needs of Innovation Sector Businesses in MA